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Welcome to Catch The Snitch! We are a Harry Potter RPG and we'd love for you to join and help our community grow.

CTS is a forum-based, play-by-post, collaborative writing game set in the world of Harry Potter. This includes not only Hogwarts but the entire Wizarding World as well. Your character can be whatever you'd like: whether it's a student or teacher at Hogwarts, or works for the Ministry of Magic... or maybe your character is a Squib? It's up to you.

CTS takes place in 2005-2006, a few years after Harry Potter's era. We are also considered an alternate universe, as events from the seventh book have been changed. Canon characters will not be played in this universe.

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CTS is an 18+ site.


We don't have an IC activity requirement. We ask that our members check in with us at least once a month.


Discord is optional and all members and lurkers are welcome!

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Discord: kimcts