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  • Hogsmeade Village
    Hogsmeade is only all-wizarding village in Britain, located just north of Hogwarts. Within walking distance from the castle, third-years and above are permitted weekend trips, and staff and Aurors have been known to live in the village when off-duty. In November 2005, the picturesque village was terrorized by a loose Boggart and its resulting fire.
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  • Diagon Alley District
    While a Hogwarts student can find all they need in Diagon Alley, magical adults may need to venture just around the corner into Knockturn Alley, a dark, twisting alleyway devoted to the Dark Arts. Located at the junction of Knockturn and Horizont Alleys is The Curious Chimaera, a quaint hybrid café/bar that is popular among Aurors.
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  • St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies
    Located in London inside what appears to be a red-bricked abandoned department store, St Mungo's is a hospital that serves the entire wizarding population of Great Britain. Muggles are sometimes admitted to St Mungo's if their injuries or illnesses have a magical cause, and patients of the Hogwarts Hospital Wing are transferred for more advanced treatment.
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  • Ministry of Magic Headquarters
    Headquarters are located entirely underground, in a ten-story building that houses several offices, departments, and courtrooms. Ministry workers can Apparate, or arrive via Floo Network, into the Atrium. The visitor's entrance is located in an abandoned telephone box that descends through the ground.
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  • Platform 9¾ & The Hogwarts Express
    Located in King's Cross Station between platforms nine and ten, Platform 9¾ is home to the Hogwarts Express, a red steam engine that runs entirely on magic that takes students, and sometimes staff, to and from Hogwarts. The Platform is heavily patrolled by Aurors on the days on which the train runs, and there is always an Auror on board.
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  • Home
    Where your character lives. The setting is up to the player.
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