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Sam Turner
6th Year | Chaser
6th Year | Chaser
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Sam Turner (wip)

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Full Name: Samantha Grace Riley-Turner
Age: 16
Birthdate: 11 August 1989
Birthplace & Residence: Diagon Alley
Blood: Half-blood
Pet: An orange tabby cat
Wand: Cypress with unicorn hair, 9 inches, nice and supple
Patronus: Badger

Height/Build: 5'6" (1.68m) / Slender
Hair/Eye Colour: Golden Brown/Brown

Father: Luke Turner, 44, Quidditch correspondent for Daily Prophet
Mother: Corrine Riley, 39, Reporter for the Daily Prophet's Showbiz segment

House: Gryffindor
Year: 6th (2000-2007)
Quidditch: Chaser (2001 - present)
Broom: Firebolt
N.E.W.T Classes: Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Divination, Herbology, Potions, Transfiguration
Best Class: Care of Magical Creatures
Worst Class: Divination
Extracurriculars: Music
Clubs/Activities: The Hogwarts Times, Frog Choir


Family History
Sam comes from a long line of writers, particularly on her father's side of the family. Her paternal grandfather, James Turner, worked as a Quidditch correspondent for the Daily Prophet. Her paternal grandmother, Mary Jones, had been writing celebrity gossip for Witch Weekly. Their paths crossed at a Quidditch match when they were both fighting for an interview with the same player, and it had been love at first sight. They married, and a year later in 1960, Luke Turner - Sam's father - was born.

History repeated itself at the 1988 British and Irish Quidditch League Cup match when Luke, now a Quidditch correspondent himself, met Corrine Riley, a journalist for the showbiz column of the Daily Prophet. Unlike Sam's grandparents (still married 45 years later), however, it hadn't been love at first sight for Luke and Corrine. In fact, there hadn't been any love at all between the two. Never marrying, Luke and Corrinne split amicably a year after their daughter was born.

Early Life and the Second Wizarding War
Samantha Grace Riley-Turner was born on 11 August 1989. Sam, who expressed her dislike for the name 'Samantha' as soon as she could talk, did not live with her father for most of her childhood. Although Luke and Corrine shared custody, Luke travelled all over the world for his work as a Quidditch correspondent and rarely maintained a permanent residence.

Luke's absence in her early childhood hadn't bothered Sam; she loved her life with her mother in their small flat in Diagon Alley and it wasn't as though she never saw her father. No matter how long he was away, he would always come back, and with him, he would bring toys, treats and best of all: stories. After spending the day at the park, Luke would tuck Sam back into her bed at Corrine's, and together they would read books from the series of children's novels he had authored especially for her.

In early August of 1994, Luke left to cover the Quidditch World Cup, missing Sam's fifth birthday. When he returned, Corrine had had enough of his absences and broken promises and would not allow him to see Sam until he made some changes in his life. Immediately, Luke stepped down at the Daily Prophet and dropped most of his projects at work until he was left with only a weekly column. He purchased a two-bedroom townhouse in London, and for the next 10 months, Sam split her time between two loving and happy households.

On 24 June 1995, Luke had been reading Sam a bedtime story when they were distracted by something out the window: a ghostly bird had appeared in the front garden. Luke hurried down to it, and when he came back upstairs, he told Sam to pack her things; he was taking her home to Corrine. As a member of the original Order of the Phoenix, Luke had known exactly who the Patronus had belonged to, and the sight of it filled him with fear. He hadn't seen it in over fourteen years, and he knew it could only mean one thing: Lord Voldemort had risen again, as Dumbledore had always said he would. Once again, Luke offered his support to the Order of the Phoenix.

Unable to work for a newspaper that campaigned against the truth, Luke quit his job at the Daily Prophet. Writing for a private newspaper and publishing under an alias, Luke provided the wizarding community with many facts that the Ministry of Magic tried to keep from the public. Despite his safety precautions, Luke's name came under suspicion, and as a target of both the Ministry of Magic and the Death Eaters, Luke went into hiding in the Muggle world until the war ended on 2 May 1998. It wasn't until Sam was much older that she fully understood what had happened in the summer of 1995 that caused her father to disappear from her life for nearly three years.



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