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Full Name: Zahir Esperian
Age: 26
Profession: Auror
Zahir lived a typical life for a half-blood. The story of his parent's meeting was always a fun one to tell. "He was an archaeologist, she was an obliviator, and the rest was history." That would probably make some people scratch their heads in a largely ethical situation, but it couldn't have been further from the truth. The real story was that they met one night at an evening social in Bournemouth. Priya, his mother, had some friends that had married muggles and muggle-borns who had invited her own for drinks. Avet and his friends were also in attendance, and the two met. Then, the rest was actually history.

The Esperian children blended in at Hogwarts. There was far too much happening at the school for them not to. His mother trusted the professors to keep them all safe, as most parents did. Zahir, like the rest of his siblings, were expected to get good grades and to stay out of trouble. Zahir never got in too much trouble, aside from a few house points missing here and there. He excelled in Defense Against the Dark Arts with each new professor that came in, and knew fairly soon that he wanted to become an auror because they got to fight the Dark Arts. In his upper years, Zahir was able to take the Apparition classes and began work toward becoming an Animagus.

During his final year, when the Death Eaters took over the school, Zahir was exposed to the Dark Arts more than he had been before in previous years. Seeing the power it possessed caught the boy in a conflicted state. He saw the power of the Dark Arts and the benefits that came with them. It wasn't until right before the Battle of Hogwarts that those feelings started to evaporate from his consciousness, when they were having to use first years as targets in some of their classes. Zahir fought to defend the school and swore to become a full-fledged auror to make sure it never happened again.

Upon graduating from the school, Zahir went straight into the auror's training program. From trainee, he worked his way up over time to becoming a full-fledge auror. When he learned about Hogwarts re-opening, he volunteered to be one of the aurors who patrolled, but was denied at first because of how new he was. Finally, he was assigned on a rotating basis during the 2004 school year.

Zahir has a rather relaxed, carefree nature. He likes to have fun and doesn't mind a prank here and there. When he's not engaged in conversation with others, he's often lost in his own thoughts. He also enjoys a good duel with friends. Zahir is the friend who likes to take care of others and make sure they are comfortable. Overall, his more of a feelings than logic type of thinker, or rather he likes to go with his gut when faced with making a decision. In the line of his work, it generally helped him.

Over the years as an auror, Zahir has learned to pay attention to his surroundings and will often look away from the person he's speaking to in order to keep himself aware. His demeanor when on duty is pretty much the same as when he's off, unless it involves having to keep the students in order at which point he's more authoritative. The gig at Hogwarts has been a pretty good one over the time he'd been there, but if his years as a student taught him anything, it was that the castle always kept him on his toes with its ancient secrets.

Face Claim: Avan Jogia

Birthdate: November 11, 1979
Birthplace: St. Mungo's, London, UK
Hometown: Bournemouth, UK
Residence: London, UK
Relationship status: Single
Blood status: Half-blood
Pet:Long Eared Owl named Rohan
Wand: Blackthorn, 14 inches, Dragon Heartstring, Solid
Patronus: Grandala
Boggart: Death Eater
Broom: Firebolt
Certifications/skills: Apparition, nonverbal magic, Registered Animagus - Grandala

Image Zahir's Animagus Form - Grandala
Family Members:
Parents: (names, ages, occupations)
  • Avet Esperian, 55, Archaeologist
  • Priya Esperian (née Trivedi), 53, Obliviator, Wizengamot member
Siblings:(names, ages, occupations)
  • Rohan Esperian, 31, Magizoologist
  • Priyanka Esperian, 29, Ministry worker, Magical Department of Games and Sports
  • Manu Esperian, 24, Ministry worker, Muggle Laiason Office
House: Gryffindor
Years attended: 1991-1998
Best class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Worst class: Astronomy
Favourite class: Potions
Least favourite class: Astronomy
O.W.L. results:
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts O
  • Potions O
  • Transfigurations O
  • Charms O
  • Herbology O
  • History of Magic E
  • Divination E
  • Astronomy A
N.E.W.T. results:
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts O
  • Potions O
  • Transfigurations O
  • Charms O
  • Herbology O
  • History of Magic E
  • Divination E
Height/build: 6'/Lean
Hair/eye colour: Black/Brown
Any unusual physical attributes:
  • Has a freckle in the shape of a star on the back of his neck behind his hear.
OOC information:

OOC username: Blue
Preferred means of contact: Discord - sopranoblues#7777
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