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Harmony Gabriel
Barista/Tattoo Artist
Barista/Tattoo Artist
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Harmony Gabriel

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Full Name: Harmony Marie Gabriel
Age: 28
Profession: Barista, Tattoo Artist
Birthdate: October 15th, 1977
Birthplace: London
Hometown:Diagon Alley
Relationship status: Single
Blood status: Half-blood
Boggart: Ex-boyfriend
Certifications/skills: Seer, Magical tattoo artist

History (2-4 paragraphs or more):

Sunshine, daisies

Growing up you were always a happy kid. Trying to make others feel better and feel good in their own skin. You loved your parents and the neighbor for who lived just a house down. You and her played daily and spoke of how excited you both were to start at Hogwarts in a year or so. You talked about what you thought your favorite classes would be and what house you both wanted to be in.

When it came time to attend Hogwarts, you and Aisling were both nervous and excited. But you knew at least you already had one friend. You sat together on the train, on the same boat and held hands as you waiting for your names to be called. She ended up in Hufflepuff and you in Ravenclaw but you both promised to remain friends.

Darkness rolls in

Alas, as the school years progressed you did remain friends with Aisling. You did pretty much everything together including staying at each other's homes during the summer. But dark days were coming and the war waged and people were killed. Aisling and her family being some of the victims. School wasn't the same after your friend was killed and you had bitterness brewing within you.

the past can hurt.

Money was never something that came easily to your hands. Your parents worked their tails off, but with three mouths to feed, money was always tight. You didn't mind growing up poor though, because you had your family, which made you feel rich enough. That was until the day the day your parents faced the war. It wasn't something they should have been a part of in the first place but even so, that day they were taken from you.The scariest thing about it was, you saw this coming a few days prior to them being killed you saw it all in a dream you had. At the time you chalked it up to a nightmare and moved A few days after they had been taken from from you, they came. You were too young to live on your own and too old to be placed quickly with a new family. Your parents left you alone, to fend for yourself. The other children in the orphanage looked at you, they smile at you and one of the boys took quite a liking to you.

Sixteen candles.

It all started when you talked back to one of the other kids. They said that your parents were trash, they deserved what had happened to them. He was lucky all he got was a tongue lashing, but you got a serious warning. A warning that if it happened again, there would more serious repercussions. You didn't believe them. You laughed at them. You should have listened though. After the warning someone approached you. The boy you met when you first came to the orphanage a year ago. He told you that he would protect you. He would always protect you. You got a weird sort of vibe from him at first but he was the first person that was nice to you since your parents had been killed. You ignored the feelings.

Alone, you're alone

First Aisling, then your parents. School was now just something you endured until graduation. You didn't have your best friend, your parents were dead, and now you lived in an orphanage. Granted Hogwarts was nice escape from the orphanage but it was bleek and depressing without Aisling. Your heart was dying a piece at a time and you couldn't stop the people close to you from dying.

you're only seventeen.

The streets are packed with people, both you and the boy were full of excitement and a little fear of getting caught. The familiar ache and rumble of your stomach causes you to double over in pain. Hunger strikes. You glance around, on a cart nearby you spot fresh, bright red apples. They look delicious and no one is around. You slowly walk over to the cart, your eyes dart around again to make sure everyone is preoccupied. Your hand snakes up the cart and you stuff an apple into your pocket. You walk back over to the boy and slowly hand him the apple. That's when they catch you. Their hands wrap around you and you kick and scream telling them to let you go. The boy sort of backs away before kicking the cart owner in the shin. He lets you go and you run off quickly, back towards the orphanage. But why…? That wasn't your home.

In that moment you decided you weren't going back. The boy also decided he wasn't going back. The two of you started living off the streets. You were an artist and quicky started making money off your drawings you also had an interest in skin art. On a whim you walked Into a little shop and starting talking up the artist there. Basically begging him to teach you how to do what he did. He agreed but you had to also clean the shop and do errands for the man. You had no issue with that, he was teaching you a skin you could use later in life.

Graduation at last

Hogwarts was finally over, you didn't have to see the fake smiles, the pity glances, or the places that haunted you. You planned on getting a job as a tattoo apprenticeship right after Hogwarts. You left the jerk that made you clean and found a new place on Diagon Alley where they started teaching you specialty tattoos. There was another man there around your age that you quickly bonded with and became friends.

pain is only temporary.

Screaming...it gets louder and louder. The weight of the boy crushes down on your chest as you try to push him off. Your screams fill the air but they go unheard by passerbys. He has a hold of your arms and try to push him off as hard as you can. Pain blurs your vision as blood trickles down your cheek. You shake your head and scream out for him to get off of you. But it is already too late, he wraps his hands around your throat and is yelling about something. Cheating…you cheated on him and he was angry. You have no idea what he's talking about, you were loyal and faithful. You cared about the boy that was now trying to kill you. Pain fills your eyes, stars surround your head and the darkness starts to take over. But just as your eyes fade you watch see a figure leap from somewhere It throws itself at your boyfriend and sinks it teeth into him. Your boyfriend lets out a scream and tries to push the doglike creature off of him. You try to focus to see exactly what it was but the darkness overtakes you and your eyes close.

the waking is hell.

You wake up and feel pain all over of your head. Sheer, mind numbing pain fills your head and body. You open your mouth to say something but only an odd sort of noise escapes your lips. Concussion. It has taken over your head. That's when the healer walks in saying you were lucky to be alive. You barely remember what happened then it floods back like a wave and your head hurts all over again.

He had tried to kill you, that sweet boy from your past, the boy you thought you loved. He had gone off the deep end and tried to kill you. Tears stream down your face. Knowing you could go back to where he was. You had to take the money you had saved up and start over.

You still get visions of him, the darkness inside him haunts your dreams. He creeps into your visions assuring you he would find and kill you for betraying him. He isn't the only one that appears in your visions though, the dog, or wolf…whatever it was that saved you that fateful morning still shows up in your visions eve though you try to push them away.

a decade passes.

You knew you couldn't just give up. You escaped, left the area at night when you knew it would be harder to track you. You made enough money to purchase your new home and you left the city you lived in since you were a kid and fled for another more secluded area. You and your caravan found a home in a forest outside the city. You made sure to place a protection spell around your home, keeping hidden so he could find you. He wouldn't give up until he found you. He claimed he loved you. He claimed he needed you. He was a monster.

Nowadays you work at a small coffee shop and do tattooing on the side as a way to earn extra income. You also dabble in readings but not a lot of them and you have to trust the person as it can get really hard and emotional for you to dive into your seer side.

Personality (1-2 paragraphs or more): To say that Harmony was shy would be completely off. She isn't shy persay, it is more reserved. She keeps her personality to herself until she knows she can trust people. She really is a spunky, upbeat person who isn't afraid to act like completely goofball when the time is right.

She knows how and when to be serious and when it's okay to be a bit of an oddball. Harmony is smart, daring and full of paranoia and anxiety. The last two she keeps herself though. She is always afraid she will run into him and is very cautious about things. When she goes out, how she goes out and with who.

Fun loving and empathetic are two more ways to describe Harmony. She enjoys life as much as she can while still being safe and a bit guarded around new people.
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