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Club Members

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Club Members

Please post here if you want your characters to join any of these groups.

Frog Choir:
The Frog Choir is a singing group of Hogwarts students. They practice in Frog Choir Hall, a room with seats for spectators, located on the sixth floor of the Bell Tower. They are conducted by the Music teacher and often accompany the Orchestra.

Duelling Club:
The Hogwarts Duelling Club provides a safe and supervised environment for students to practice duelling, whether for sport or for self-defence. The Duelling Room is located in the dungeons, but the club has also been known to practice in the Great Hall, Middle Courtyard, The Quad, and the Training Grounds.

A musical group of students including but not limited to saxophonists, violinists, cellists, flutists, drummers, harpists, tubists, harpsichordists, and timpanists. They are conducted by the Music teacher and often accompany the Frog Choir.

Potions Club:
The Potions Club is open to all students regardless of their year or skill level. It takes place in the Potions classroom, where students are able to use the cauldrons and other supplies in order to catch up on homework or to study and brew potions recreationally. It is supervised by staff members who are skilled in Potions.

The Hogwarts Times:
The Hogwarts Times is the school newspaper that is produced entirely by students and supervised by staff members. The monthly publication provides timely and accurate coverage of school events and activities and serves as a voice for the student population.

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