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Quinn Rockwell
6th Year | Chaser
6th Year | Chaser
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Quinn Rockwell

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Full Name: Quinn Rockwell
Birthday: August 21, 1989
Age: 16
House: Gryffindor
Year: 6


Quinn is an only child to muggle parents who make their home in Southampton. Both her parents are secondary school teachers; her father teaches science, while her mother teaches English literature. Her parents discovered their daughter was special through her bouts of accidental magic. Specifically, when she became upset, glass sometimes shattered and electricity sometimes flickered. On several occasions when she was very young, she was inexplicably found to have objects in her possession that should've been beyond her reach (most often toys and cookies). While her family isn't rich by any means, they're content with what they have.

As a muggleborn, Quinn attended primary school, but as an only child, her parents also gave her a lot of personal attention and provided some homeschooling. She was consistently at the top of her classes, but she was also physically active, and enjoyed playing football (soccer). This translated into playing Chaser on her house's Quidditch team in her third year at Hogwarts.


When someone is mistreated, Quinn is often the first to stand up for them, even when the victim is a complete stranger or when the offender is an adult. She's even been known to defend Slytherins from members of her own house. She's impulsive and will quickly transition from tranquil to tempest. She can quickly get in over her head, and she's got more than a few scars to show for it, but in her mind, inaction against an injustice constitutes being complicit. Understandably, others think of her as a humanist and social activist.

She's also quirky. For example, she prefers to be barefoot whenever she can get away with it (such as in her house's common room or on the grounds), but when she can't, she always wears mismatched socks, claiming it's for good luck. She's also been known to apologize to inanimate objects if she accidentally damages them. She often demonstrates child-like exuberance for new ideas when first exposed to them, particularly other peoples' hobbies.

As one of the most open-minded people around, she tries to be accepting and accommodating of others regardless of their beliefs and behaviors (as long as they're not oppressive), and she genuinely wants to forge friendships whenever possible. She believes society isn't worth saving if people can't overcome stigmas and petty differences.


She's adventurous, willing to try just about any food or activity at least once. She loves to explore places such as Hogwarts Castle and Hogsmeade.
She's tomboyish, never fussing over things like make-up, lip stick, or nail polish (though she'll let others apply it for her), and she's not afraid of getting dirty. She keeps her nails trimmed short.
She's creative, and enjoys such things as writing, singing, dancing, and finding alternative uses for spells (which sometimes allows her to surprise her opponents in duels).
She's laid-back, and doesn't obsess over getting the highest marks, though she does make an effort to stay on top of her studies.

Face Claim: Kiernan Shipka
Orientation: uncertain, but open to trying a same-sex relationship should the opportunity arise
Pet: none
Patronus: fox
Extracurriculars: Quidditch (chaser), Frog Choir (soprano), Orchestra (flute), Student Newspaper
Electives: Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures, Divination
Favorite Subjects: Transfiguration, Herbology, Ancient Runes
Least-Favorite Subjects: History of Magic, Potions
Height: 5'0" (short!)
Hair Color: naturally off-white / platinum-blonde
Eye Color: grey
Wand: Peruvian Vipertooth heartstring, Brazilian rosewood, 10-3/7"
Birthmarks: There's a heart-shaped birthmark by her outside right ankle.
Broom: a second-hand Firebolt
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