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Anwen Sawyer
6th Year | Prefect | Seeker
6th Year | Prefect | Seeker
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Anwen Sawyer

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Full Name: Anwen Rose Sawyer
Age: 16-17
House: Hufflepuff
Year: 6th
Quidditch position, if applicable: Seeker

General Appearance: Anwen is a small framed girl with a big attitude. Her body is carried on long, lanky legs and she has the arms to match. She is slender, skinny even, and holds hardly any shape at all. Her whole stature is pretty much a straight line from her head down to her toes. She has little to no curves in either her front or her backside. Her skin holds a sort of peachy color that spreads evenly throughout her body until it reaches her cheeks, there it holds a sort of rosier color. Her face is narrowish, it is shaped almost like an egg with her chin being a little more rounded. Her neck is longer and flows evenly down into her collar bones which jut out more than they should for a girl who eats the healthy portions that she does.

Her eyes stand out against her skin, and behind dark lashes. They are usually highlighted by the slight color of make-up that Anwen puts on every morning. A light brown or sometimes even a pale pink. Above her hazel eyes are somewhat thick, dark brown eyebrows. They are usually neatly trimmed and had the illusion of more angle in her face. Her long brown and blonde hair flows down her back in straight waves. Often times ribbons, string, beads and feathers can be braided or stuck into her hair. Although the young woman doesn't see herself as beautiful, and thinks quite the opposite of herself, she has grown into quite the 'cute' girl.

Dressing Style: Anwen likes pretty things, pastel purples, pinks, blues and whites. She adores lace and frilly but overly so. Her taste is clothes is that of someone born in the wrong time period. She hates wearing shoes and loves the free feeling of wearing a dress. The flow of the skirt around her bare legs, and the dirt beneath her feet. She hates wearing robes, and the heavy woolly feeling of the school uniforms. She feels so constricted and suffocated. If allowed, Anwen would walk around naked with nothing but ribbons in her hair and lace wrapped around her toes.

General Character Traits/personality: Anwen has always been different from her siblings and most of the rest of her family as well. She is a sort of free-spirit and never really lets a lot of things get to her. She doesn't have a problem voicing her opinions, thoughts or ideals and in fact, she rather enjoys doing so. She is a very expressive person as well, she finds it easiest to express herself through music and dance. Her ideals and morals help shape the young woman, and she will stand behind them. Her charismatic attitude has gotten her this far in life. She adores everyone around her and has a free loving kind of attitude. She forgives people really easily and is never one to hold grudges. She is too compassionate not to forgive people, as she knows that it's sometimes difficult to be nice all the time.

Anwen is the type of girl that follows her intuition, she is a feels kind of person and acts solely on what her heart tells her. She rarely thinks about how the actions will effect the outcome of situation and she will follow her heart in every aspect of life. When it comes to love, Anwen throws herself into it full heartily. She doesn't stop to think about what will happen or how hurt she will get. She loves everything and everyone with all the passion she has. She is the type of girl that craves independence and freedom to do what she chooses. She doesn't like being tied down by rules or expectations. It is why she is so different from her family, it's also part of the reason they think she's so quirky. She plays by her own rules, unless they are ones set down by the school of course, and she isn't afraid to get a little dirty. In fact, she loves getting dirty and walking around barefoot.

The young woman is also very excitable, it doesn't take much to get her bouncing up and down with pure joy or happiness. She's generally a happy person and enjoys making other people laugh. Anwen is also big on observing the people around her. She enjoys studying the reactions of people in different situations and scenarios. She has even been known to take notes and make charts, graphs as well other references to look back on. She is a very intelligent girl and often times looks to deeply into things. She has a horrible habit of over analyzing every feeling, situation or problem that arises.

Anwen has never been one to hold grudges, she is the type of girl that will let live and forgive no matter how many times someone hurts her or betrays her. She believes that everyone deserves a second, third, fourth and even a seventeenth chance. Free love, it's how she does it...She's a sweet girl and wants to treat people who she wants to be treated. She also doesn't like to judge people, she's not a judgmental person and is very accepting of other peoples personalities, cultures and ways of life. In fact, she welcomes it, she wants to meet different people, she how they live and how their morals differ from her own.

The girl has always been somewhat intelligent, she started reading at a young age and hasn't stopped. She is very interested in different cultures and often finds herself in the library researching different lifestyles and the like. She is more interested in histories, cultures and how things are different from one another, rather than the mechanics of things. She find different ways to get to the answers and really enjoys working on ways to better her own ideals. She is also very creative. She enjoys drawing and dancing. She's not very good at the former but dancing is something she has been doing for years. She loves the technical skills it takes and will study a different form a dance until she has it mastered. But her favorite is free style.

Although Anwen hates to admit it she can be a very jealous person at times. Especially when it comes to the envy of other girls. Not so much for what they have material wise, or personality wise, but she is jealous of the attention some of them get. Some girls are extremely pretty and have curves for miles. Anwen is a fifteen year old girl and she is still flat as a board. She is jealous of the curves, their pretty looks and how many stares they get when walking down the hall. Anwen doesn't think she is pretty, she believes she's a rather plain girl and lacks the self-esteem to think that she could ever get the looks that some girls get. Granted, she is perfectly happy being one of the boys, but deep down she wants to be that pretty girl that turns heads when she walks into a room.

It doesn't take much to get Anwen riled up....she is overly excitable and the littlest things can get her jumping around for joy. She enjoys being a happy girl and not much can bring her down, but there are things that get her more excited than others and she isn't afraid to show it. Granted, her over excitability does tend to grate on peoples nerves after a while, and a lot of the time she has to be told to calm down, or bring it down a level or two. Anwen is a trusting person and believes that no one has a any reasons to lie to is part of the reason she hates liars so much...but if told something she tends to believe it. Her gullible nature is something that some people, like her brother, take advantage of.

History (2-4 paragraphs or more):
Mother: Lucretia nee Raymond, 47, Opera Singer, former Ravenclaw
Nationality: Irish
Blood Status: Pureblood
Father: Clyne Sawyer, 48, Retired Curse Breaker, former Gryffindor
Nationality: Welsh
Blood Status: Halfblood
Bryson "Bry" Sawyer, 18
Melanie Sawyer, 14

Clyne Sawyer was the youngest of five boys, and like all his brothers before him was sorted into Gryffindor and became a Cursebreaker after graduation. It was the first time that every single Sawyer family member had been sorted into the same House and followed the family occupation. When Clyne finally did become a Cursebreaker, his brothers had already become successful and brought a lot of treasures for Gringotts. He had big shoes to fill as a lot of expectations was pressed onto his shoulders. It didn't take long for him to fill them though and soon he was getting jobs in Africa and the Amazons. While his brothers got married and had children, Clyne worked diligently to move up higher in the Curse Breaking ranks. Typically the Sawyer house goes to all the siblings of the next generation, but Clyne brothers wanted nothing to do with the house. Well...more so their wives who thought living with a bunch of ghosts was a horrid thing. So Clyne was in charge of the old mansion and he quite enjoyed having the whole place to himself. He enjoyed the life of the bachelor, and never thought he would marry until he met a woman at the age of twenty-seven.

Lucretia Raymond was the oldest of three, a younger sister named Deirdre and a younger brother named Robert. She was sorted into Ravenclaw while at Hogwarts and had heard and seen a lot of the Sawyers running around the school. Believing them to be too wild for her taste, she ignored all of them and went on with her life. Like Clyne, she also didn't settle down and get married like her younger siblings. For she had an talented voice and had become a successful Opera Singer. Which lead her to living in Germany, Italy, and England. Lucretia often traveled the world singing different types of Operas and making a name for herself. It wasn't until she was singing for a Gringotts charity event that she met Clyne Sawyer.

At first Lucretia did everything in her power to ignore Clyne. She didn't forget how the Sawyers acted in school and didn't want to associate herself with the wild family. But Clyne was smitten and was doing everything in his power to win her over. Even after the charity event, he would send her Owls with expensive trinkets attached to the letters (which he had swiped from his jobs), and make it a point to follow her to the next place she would sing. After several months of this going on, Lucretia finally agreed to go out on a date with Clyne. Hoping that she would be "too boring" to interest him after one evening together. Yet as the evening went on, Lucretia found herself laughing and enjoying Clyne company. Soon their courtship grew into a relationship, and Clyne found himself in a jewelry shop one day ring shopping. Putting the ring into his pocket, he headed back to the flat Lucretia and him shared with ideas of how he was going to propose running through his head. But fate had other ideas as he walked into the door and met a nervous but smiling Lucretia, she had big news for him.

She was with child.

Overjoyed, Clyne pulled out the ring right there and asked her to marry him. While it wasn't as romantic as he had planned, she said yes and the two had a small wedding at the Sawyer home three months later. With all relatives, living and dead, attending. Four and a half months later Lucretia gave birth to a squabbling boy they named Bryson Sawyer. He was a rather loud baby, whether he was crying, yelling, screaming or even laughing. It seemed that Bryson could wake the dead.

Two years after Bryson was born, Lucretia told her husband that they would be having another child. Sort there after little baby Anwen was born. She was a gem compared her to brother's wild childhood. She hardly ever cried, she was generally a happy baby and was even sleeping through the night only a few weeks after she was born. Her parents were rather happy with how well she was behaving. It didn't take much to make her smile, laugh or giggle. The little girl grew up rather quickly, she grew into a small little toddler that was still a very happy child. For Anwen's third Christmas, her mother and father bought her a teddy bear that wore a polka dot bow tie. Wen was in love with it the moment she saw it. She never let that thing out of her sight. She carried it everywhere and slept with it.

It became evident at a young age that Anwen wore her heart on her sleeve. She also wasn't afraid to show that she was scared, thunderstorms were one of those things that terrified her as a little girl. She would hold onto Mimi, the teddy bear, and whimper was the thunder shook the windows. She would tolerate it as long as she could before the little girl would jump up and run to her brothers room where she would sleep the rest of the night. Little Anwen quickly took to her older brother, but not the same thing could be said about their sister Melanie. In fact, after the little child was born Wen refused to acknowledge her presence for the first year of the Melaine's life. Bryson was Wen's go to whenever something bad happened. Even though Bry was always pulling pranks on his littler sister. In fact, his first sign of magic was when he was trying to prank little Anwen. He told his little sister that Mimi was sick, like their father, and that he needed to take care of the bear. So Wen gave up the bear and instead of hiding him like he once thought he was going to do, the bear turned a deep blue color. Wen started crying and asked what was wrong with her little bear. She begged Bryson to fix him, make him better, she really thought her bear was sick instead of it just being a sign of her brother's magic.

At the age of five, Wen was well adapted to the fact that they had 'living' ghosts in their house. In fact, she thought it was rather natural. The dead relatives found little Anwen adorable and she would often play hide and go seek with them. Of course the ghost relatives always found her but that was the fun of it all. This was also about the age that Wen decided that she would rather run around her house stark naked then put on clothes. The little girl had always been a sort of free spirit and surprisingly her family was okay with it. She would often throw small little fits when they told her she had to put clothes on to go outside. Though, shoes were hardly, if ever on her feet.

About this time, was the time that Anwen started going outside on her own a lot more often. She loved the feeling of the ground under her feet. The warm air on her face and the smell of fresh air. As much as she loved playing with her ghost relatives, she hated the dark, musty smell of the house. She wanted to go outside and take in nature. It was connecting with the plants, the animals and the world itself that made the seven year old that she no longer wanted to condone the eating of sweet little animals. She refused to eat meat, no matter how hard her parents tried to convince her that it was good for her. Bryson also made fun of her for not eating meat but she would just laugh and stick her tongue out at him. She was passionate about her beliefs and being a vegan was something firmly believed in.

During the summer, their father took all three kids to see their mother sing. Anwen knew that her mother was a singer, but she didn't know what kind of singer or how good she was. When the got their they sat in the balcony with those funny little glasses. They sat waiting for the show to start, it was obvious, that Bryson was bored. Melanie could care less, but little Wen was excited to see what their mother did for a living. When she came out on the stage and started singing, Wen was taken back. Her mother was a beautiful singer and in fact it brought tears to little Wen's eyes. She was so proud of her mommy and she even told her so. When they were standing in the lobby, Wen saw a man with some funny little devices. She asked him what they were and he said they were different kinds of cameras. He even let her hold them, and click the button. Anwen was fascinated with how they worked. So after they left the show, she asked her parents if they would buy her a camera. The first picture she took was of a bird on a flower, she developed it, the contrast didn't turn out very well but she was still learning...she was looking at it and the next moment she noticed the bird was flying around the flower. She was so happy that she showed her first sign. She was started to get worried that she was a squib.

When her brother left for Hogwarts, Anwen was jealous, she wanted to go with him but her parents assured her that she would be going soon enough. They were right, two years after her brother started going, she received her own letter from Hogwarts. She jumped up and down, literally almost wet herself with out excited she was. She would be heading out to the big school that year and she couldn't wait to meet a bunch of new people.


After Anwen said goodbye to her mom and, she patted her little sister on the head, who glared at her, before she boarded the train. It was quite impressive, and she was so excited to be headed off to school with her brother. She couldn't hold back her excitement and she practically ran to the train car. She waved frantically at her family before disappearing into the train itself.

She is sorted into Hufflepuff in her first year at Hogwarts. Her first year goes by rather uneventful. During summer break Anwen took to reading more books. She reread Alice in wonderland, even though she had already read it three or four dozen times. Her brother started to take less and less interest in what Wen was doing and took more to what he was doing. It sort of bummed Wen out, but in the end she started spending more time with her relatives and even started to take interest in what Melanie was doing, even if she was a bit odd.

Her second year started off easily enough, Anwen decided early on in her second year, that she was really going to start focusing on her studies. Well that went well for about two weeks until the girl started going outside again. She started taking her medium format, muggle camera outside. She couldn't stop taking photographs of everything at Hogwarts, her favorite target however, was people. People were her main focus and she loved documenting what people did and how things played out. Pictures were her way of capturing life and she wanted to remember it forever.

Her third and fourth year were alot of the same. Although it was in her third year she really found her passion. Other than jazz and photography of course. Herbology was something that really peaked her interest. She became infatuated with it and spent most of her waking hours studying everything she could on the subject. Even tried to do revival spells on dead plants, spells on how to make them bigger and other such silly spells.

When the end of the year finally came around, Anwen realized that she would have to spend a lot of the year catching up on things she missed. Her O.W.L.s were coming up next year and if she wanted to pass them, she would have to work her butt off. In her fifth year, Anwen really buckled down on her studies. She wanted to go into Herbology work after Hogwarts. Perhaps a herbologist or maybe the next professor at Hogwarts itself. But for the time being she had to get through her final years at Hogwarts.

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