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“Cover me, Jon, we’re not letting that sneaky bastard slip through our fingers again.”
Plotting: Colleagues, allies and enemies
As an Auror and a former Hit Wizard who fought against the Dark Lord during the Second Wizarding War, Louis has his fair share of allies and enemies. It’s not always easy to tell between friend and foe, so Louis’ philosophy is to make himself a huge target and entice his enemies to come at him, and that has worked out pretty well for him thus far. Open to discussions!

“Come on! The night is young but we’ve got no time to waste!”
Plotting: Friends
This energetic and excitable ball of sunshine is a blast to hang around with, and he’s sure to cheer you up after a long day at work with his jokes and weird antics. While he’s usually pretty upbeat and optimistic, sometimes he can get a lil moody too and needs his friends to help pull him out of his rut. Open to discussions!

“Am I boring you? I’m so sorry, sometimes I get carried away and talk way too much.”
Plotting: Long-suffering acquaintances
Like a Duracell bunny, once Louis gets hyped up he starts bouncing off the walls and talks incessantly, and inadvertently he gets on the nerves of some people around him. His oddball behaviour may also rub others up the wrong way. Who will be able to keep their cool, and who will want nothing more than to chuck this cloudcuckoolander out of the window? (“By the way, did you know that there’s actually a word for that? It’s ‘defenestration’. Oh wait, you’re not thinking of doing that to me, aren’t you?”)

“If you think boggarts are scary, wait till you encounter taxes.”
Plotting: Students at Hogwarts
As one of the friendlier and more fun-loving Aurors stationed at Hogwarts, Louis is more than happy to mix with the students and chat with them (when he’s off-duty, of course). He’s by no means an ideal role model though, since he’s still trying to get the hang of this thing called ‘adulting’.

Education and Employment Timeline:
  • Student at Hogwarts: 1988–1995
  • Hit wizard at the Ministry of Magic: 1995–2002
  • Trainee Auror at the Ministry of Magic: 2002–2005
  • Auror at the Ministry of Magic (stationed at Hogwarts): 2005–present
Other Significant Events:
  • 1998: Louis participated in the Battle of Hogwarts.
the worst mistake is the one you don’t dare to make
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