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Full Name: Cabhan Liam Daley
Age: 29
Position/class taught and start of employment: Potions/2000
History (2-4 paragraphs or more):Cabhan grew up in a rich home, his father made deals with the devil's of the world and worked in the ministry as a coverup. His mother was the sweet caring woman that took care of the household. There was a lot expected out of the the Daley children. Be perfect, never fail and never ruin the reputation of the Daley name.

He could never live up to those expectations. People made mistakes and when his sexuality came into question, and the fact that he had muggleborn turned his father's hateful eyes upon him. No matter how hard he tried he would never be good enough, he wouldn't be his brother. Not did he ever want to be. His brother was the perfect golden boy, following his father's dark footsteps. Cabhan hid behind the arrogance and bully act throughout school. But he couldn't keep it up his whole life. He was proud of his mother and sister, but his father was a tyrant as well as his brother.

The childhood trauma caused many issues for the boy, from OCD to smoking and ending with low self esteem, even though he hides that behind a thick wall of anger and self centeredness. It also brought strain against his relationship with his older brother and obviously his father. His brother looked down upon him because his father did, not to mention the fact that he was a little jealous of Cabhan when it came to school grades and their mother. Cabhan may have been the black sheep according to his father, but his mother adored Cabhan. She stood up for Cabhan whenever she could, but it often times ended in a fight against her husband.

When the young eleven year old boy boarded the train, he waved goodbye to his family and told his sister to be good. He couldn't wait to start his first year. It got him away from his father's watchful eye and his brother was too busy being girl crazy and a bully to even notice his little brother.

Despite that, Cabhans first year at Hogwarts was slightly uneventful. He did like that he was away from his father but he missed his sister and mother. Cabhan enjoyed watching the quidditch games and knew as soon as he could, he would be in the team. Cabhan's father had been part of the team, as a keeper. But Cabhan had wanted to be a Beater. It was much more violent and took power to play the position. He couldn't wait until he was old enough to try out. During Cabhans' first year he spent a lot of his time studying, he especially took a liking to potions. The precision it took and Cabhan saw it as an art. It really played on his OCD. It was that moment that he knew what he was going to I do when he was older.

Throughout his career at Hogwarts, Cabhan made only a few friends. Never dating because he was too afraid his father would approve and he had strange feelings towards his best friend who was a male. That wouldn't go over well with his family, so kept it to himself. Granted he had the quidditch team but he never went out of his way to be included in social events. The only person he really spent any sort of time with was his best friend.

After graduation from Hogwarts, Cabhan focused on his career. It wasn't until the first love of his life came into the picture that his father even looked at him again. Cabhan had tried for years to keep his feelings under wraps but it had become too difficult. So when his father found out who he was dating he knew the filth ruining their reputation again. His father knew that the boy was a muggleborn, not to mention seeing his son. He used an unforgivable curse on the boy, as he kept Cabhan frozen with spell. As soon as Cabh was able to, he took his boyfriend out of there. The two of them experienced a lot together and the man truly thought he was going to spend the rest of his life with him.

But it was all too good to last, Cabhan and his boyfriend were headed home after a late date night. His father sent some hit wizards after them and he was tortured outside a pub, in an alley. They took the life of Cabhan's boyfriend that night and sent him to the hospital. He spent several days in the hospital and several more at home recovering.

Depression hit the man hard for several months after the attack and even though he knew his father had ordered the hit, he couldn't bring himself to retaliate against him. Even though he hated his father for what happened. Instead, his best friend went to law enforcement and reported what had happened. They quickly questioned Cabhan about the matter, but there was no evidence leading back to his father and even with magic they couldn't prove he was involved. The hit wizards were arrested and wouldn't roll on him, Cabhan thought I had to have been a spell or curse he put them. No one gave up their life for a man like that. Nevertheless, his father got away with murder.

Cabhan went back to his studies and stayed away from the dating scene since the tragic day. Hate brewed in chest and pain hid in his bones. A few months after the investigation, Cabhan's best friend went missing. The hate that had been brewing, the distain and the pain all came bubbling to the surface. He wasn't going to sit back and allow another person be taken from him. He took the matter into his own hands but it ended up worse for Cabhan than it did his friend.

He managed to track down his father and this time, it was his father that was doing the dirty work. He told his son he was tired of fighting against him. He planned on killing them both but wanted his friend to watch as he tortured his son nearly to death. A quick death was too good for the traitor. He was also aware that his son was 'in love' with his best friend. Even if his best friend didn't.

After several hours of his father taking his anger out on his son, Cabhan's best friend got loose and ended up killing his best friends father. It was an accident, he wasn't trying to kill him but in the scuffle of things his head smacked into a support pole too hard and he stopped moving.

Cabhan was grateful for his best friend and honestly felt nothing but relief after his father was dead. No longer having to worry about who was going to be hurt or taken next. But now, he had to move on with life. He could pursue his dreams now and as if fate struck, he was informed that there was an opening for a potions professor at Hogwarts. He jumped at the chance and tried desperately to put the past behind him.

Personality (1-2 paragraphs or more):Cabhan is a Introvert. He tends to care more about how something will effect him and his future. He also hides from the world within the confines of his room He pretends not to care what people think about him and comes off as a very self centered person. He relies on his intuition, knowing that the conclusion he comes to is normally the right answer or he at least thinks so. He doesn't tend to doubt himself and has a lot of confidence in himself and not a lot, if any, in other people. He also considers himself a rational person. Even if no one agrees with his thoughts, ideas or feelings. He doesn't care what they think and will stick by his choices. For this reason he is very stubborn.

Cabhan often times finds himself judging people to the point where he breaks them down and decides they're aren't worth his time. The real fact was that he liked people that were more like him. He wanted friends that he could hold a conversation. he boy was rude to almost everyone because he's always trying to distance himself. Of course he never told anyone about the front he puts on. He is a straight forward kind of person and doesn't sugar coat things the way that most people do. He doesn't lie to make someone feel better about themselves, then again he doesn't want most people to feel good about themselves at all.

Feelings are for wimps or that was what he was raised to think, they aren't meant to be shown in public if at all. It's pointless to tell people that you're depressed or lonely. No, one cares what people feel and Cabhan is no exception. He hides his feelings deep down inside him. Which is part of the reason he is so uptight. Keeping his feelings bottled up also makes him have anger issues. He often lets his anger show but he feels its the only emotion worth showing. Besides it covers up all the other feelings that try to creep up on him. He's angry for many reasons, one of the main things was he couldn't tell anyone that he was bisexual and it was very hard to hide his feelings towards this matter.
Face Claim:Vini Uehara

Birthdate: December 21st
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
Residence: Dublin, Ireland
Relationship status: Single
Blood status: Pureblood
Pet: N/A
Wand: Phoenix feather, Yew, 10 1/2, Rigid
Patronus: Silver fox
Boggart: His father
Broom: Firebolt
Certifications/skills: Apparition, wandless magic

Family Members:
Parents: Mother: Abiageal Maciver, 65, Ravenclaw
Blood Status: Pureblood
Father: Aeary Daley, Slytherin (deceased)
Blood Status: Pureblood
Siblings: Aderrig Daley, 31, Dark Artifacts dealer
Onora Daley, 25, Writer
Children: N/A

House: Slytherin
Years attended: 1987-1994
Quidditch team position: Beater
Best class: Potions
Worst class: Charms
Favourite class: Potions
Least favourite class: Divination
O.W.L. results:
Transfiguration: O
Charms: A
Defense Against the Dark Arts: E
Potions: O
Herbology: O
History of Magic: A
Ancient Studies: O
Arithmancy: E
Ancient Runes: O
N.E.W.T. results:
Potions: O
Transfiguration: E
Defense Against the Dark Arts: E
Charms: A
Ancient Runes: O
Divination: P

Height/build: 5'10" (metric:177.8 cm)
Hair/eye colour:Hazel
Shape: Almond
Hair: Short, soft and a bit wavy with tufts that flow about his head. Dark brown in color.
Any unusual physical attributes: Deep scars on forearms and lower back.

OOC information:
OOC username: Felix
Preferred means of contact: Discord
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