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6th Year | Chaser
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Leo Sakurai

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♪ “Erase and rewrite” ※ 「消して リライトして」 ♪
Plotting: Starting a new life, forging a new identity
After being expelled from Mahoutokoro, Leo moved to the UK to start a new chapter of his life, hopefully free from the shackles of his cursed destiny. He’s struggling to forge his own identity after hiding his true feelings from others for so long in order to conform to societal expectations. Open to ideas and discussions!

♪ “Everyone knows what it’s like to have wounds that won’t heal” ※ 「誰もが皆知ってる 消せやしない傷を」 ♪
Plotting: Haunted by his past
The ancient malevolent spirit, Doumeki, cleft a soul into two parts to create Leo and his twin sister, so that it could use them as its puppets and free itself from imprisonment. While Doumeki’s escape attempt was eventually thwarted. Leo cannot help but fear that he would not be able to escape his dark past, and that his fate would one day catch up to him again. The incident also left him more susceptible to mind control, such as through dark spells like the Imperius Curse. Open to ideas and discussions!

♪ “Let's sing a song, my kindred spirits” ※ 「歌を唄おう 心の友よ」 ♪
Plotting: Friendships
Earnest, easygoing, and maybe a bit too eager to please, Leo’s a nice guy who really hopes to be accepted by those around him. Raised in a foreign land by adoptive Muggle parents, he feels like a fish out of water, and he’s in need of some friends to help and support him. So don’ be shy, and feel free to say hello and befriend him.

♪ You really don't like me, do you? ※ 「ホントは俺のこと好きじゃねぇだろ?」 ♪
Plotting: Enemies
Leo’s no stranger to people finding fault with him. Some might view his easygoing and conflict avoidant nature as spinelessness and an inability to stand up for himself. Others might think of Leo as someone who’s overly obsequious and constantly trying too hard to please others. Or they might dislike something else entirely about him.

Education and Employment Timeline:
  • Student at Mahoutokoro: 1995–2003
  • Student at Hogwarts: 2004–Present
Other Significant Events:
  • 2003: Leo and his twin sister were temporarily possessed by Doumeki, but the dark spirit’s escape plans were eventually foiled. Leo was subsequently expelled from Mahoutokoro because he had used a dark spell and broken the Japanese wizards’ code while he was possessed.
  • 2004: Leo and his family moved to the UK. Leo subsequently enrolled at Hogwarts as a Fifth-Year.
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